We pro­vide ser­vices in air purifi­ca­tion busi­ness. Our job include instal­la­tion, main­te­nance and repair by our team of expe­ri­enced tech­ni­cians who are spe­cial­ized in air puri­fier sys­tems.

Check and clean the fil­ter.

Inter­nal elec­tri­cal sys­tem check.

Check the con­di­tion of dust col­lec­tion elec­tri­cal sys­tem.

Check and clean dust col­lec­tion cell.

Check fan sys­tem.

Check var­i­ous fas­ten­ers.

Report ser­vice result.

With over 40 year expe­ri­ence in Indoor Air Qual­ity Con­trol Busi­ness.

Col­lect­ing Cells (Fil­ters) Before and After Clean­ing

Pre Fil­ter

Clean Pre-​Filter for bet­ter effi­ciency of air purifi­ca­tion sys­tem.

Cha­coal Fil­ter

Check the con­di­tion of acti­vated car­bon fil­ter and sug­gest replace­ment if needed or sched­ule replace­ment with cus­tomers.

We check and clean the fil­ter.

We check the con­di­tion of dust col­lec­tion sys­tem

We check ion­izer wire.

We replace dirty fil­ter with cleaned and fac­tory inspected fil­ter for opti­mal air fil­tra­tion per­for­mance.

Check sta­tus of motor, blower and pro­peller fan.

Check HV sys­tem.

Test ion­izer wire.

Test col­lect­ing plate.

Check the inter­nal and exter­nal con­di­tions of the air puri­fier, such as the inter­nal wiring, the cover. If dam­aged, then repair or replace new parts.

Check the air cleaner’s fas­ten­ers, both inter­nal and exter­nal fas­ten­ers. Includ­ing sling that hang the air puri­fier with ceil­ing. If there is any damage,then repair or replace new parts.

Our staffs will advise cus­tomers how to use and main­tain air puri­fier. Inform our cus­tomers if any issue arises dur­ing diag­nos­tic.

We will col­lect infor­ma­tion then send ser­vice reports by email to cus­tomers.

The rea­son why it is bet­ter to choose Air Puri­fiers with Elec­tro­sta­tic Pre­cip­i­ta­tion Sys­tem (ESP) for com­mer­cial appli­ca­tions and what we do to pro­vide bet­ter ser­vice for bet­ter work­place envi­ron­ment, please down­load the doc­u­ment below for more details.