Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions

What kind of place should use an air puri­fier?

Places with dust, odor and germs such as offices should use an air puri­fier. These work spaces con­tain many types of air con­t­a­m­i­nants from peo­ple, printer, fab­ric, machine, paper, out­side air and even the build­ing itself. The more crowded the area, the more con­cen­trated these con­t­a­m­i­nants. This kind of envi­ron­ment may have a long-​term health impact and accel­er­ates the spread of con­ta­gious air­borne dis­eases. There­fore, it is impor­tant to select the most suit­able com­mer­cial grade air puri­fier for your appli­ca­tion.

How to clean air puri­fier?

Air fil­ter tech­nolo­gies such as HEPA and Acti­vated Car­bon Fil­ters require peri­odic fil­ter replace­ment. Any attempt to clean these air fil­ters may be costly or inef­fec­tive and may even cause dam­age to air puri­fier. Mean­while, cer­tain sys­tems such as ESP require rou­tine clean­ing in order to main­tain opti­mal effi­ciency. Dirty col­lect­ing cells that con­tain dust and germs are soaked in non-​corrosive cleaner and washed with pres­sure sprayer to elim­i­nate any residues. Please make sure to com­pletely dry col­lect­ing cells and care­fully inspect crit­i­cal parts.

What should I do, if there is a prob­lem with my air puri­fier?

If your air puri­fier has prob­lems or mal­func­tion. First of all, shut it down, then make a pre­lim­i­nary check as shown in the man­ual. If you are unsure, please con­tact the dealer or our ser­vice team directly.

What are the ben­e­fits of air puri­fiers?

Air puri­fiers can not gen­er­ate fresh air but it can improve air qual­ity around you. Unlike the con­sump­tion of water or food, peo­ple sub­con­sciously breath­ing air with­out a chance to remove dan­ger­ous con­t­a­m­i­nants. Fine par­tic­u­lates such as cig­a­rette smoke can enter human blood­stream by sim­ply breath­ing it in. Germs can cause wide­spread sick­ness in your office which greatly reduce work capac­ity. For res­pi­ra­tory patients, it can be fatal. The main ben­e­fit of air puri­fier is to help removes those con­t­a­m­i­nants as effec­tive as pos­si­ble to pre­vent those neg­a­tive out­comes.

What is the ser­vice pro­ce­dure for air puri­fiers?

Our objec­tive is to pro­vide the quick­est and the most com­plete ser­vice to ensure cus­tomer con­tin­u­ous oper­a­tion with min­i­mal down time. We can achieve such chal­lenge by uti­liz­ing our capa­bil­ity as the man­u­fac­turer to clean and closely inspect each and every fil­ter at our fac­tory. Through cell rota­tion, dirty fil­ter at our cus­tomer site can be replaced by fac­tory inspected fil­ter very quickly.

Quick on-​site inspec­tion

    • Con­trol system
    • Safety sys­tem
    • High volt­age supply
    • Fan sys­tem
    • Fil­ter system

Com­plete fac­tory fil­ter recon­di­tion process

    • Com­plete clean­ing service
    • Pro­duc­tion QC inspection

Pre­filter clean­ing and inspec­tion

What should I do after installing air puri­fier?

Please read oper­at­ing and main­te­nance instruc­tion book thor­oughly.
Ser­vice and main­te­nance every two months are rec­om­mended to ensure opti­mal per­for­mance and long life-​span of air puri­fier.