Air Puri­fier

Air vol­ume : 30 CFM

Speed Level : 1

Area Cov­er­age : 40

Power Con­sump­tion : — watts

Unit Weight : 2 Kgs.

Dimen­sions (mm) : 480 x 140 x 95


AirSteril Silent uses the prin­ci­ples of mol­e­c­u­lar nan­otech­nol­ogy (MNT). Inside the AS unit, Nano Tita­nium Diox­ide (TIO2) irra­di­ated with Ultra­vi­o­let Light pro­duces strong oxide agents called Hydroxyl Rad­i­cals and Super­ox­ide Ions. The plasma selim­i­nates air­borne path­o­genic and non-​pathogenic microor­gan­isms in veg­e­ta­tive and spore states.


  1. UVC with TiO2
  2. Elim­i­nate unwanted odors
  3. Elim­i­nate bac­te­ria in the air and on surfaces
  4. Light­weight & portable
  5. No noise
  6. Attrac­tive finish

More details

Our com­pany has been trusted to serve a vari­ety of busi­ness cus­tomers for nearly over 40 years. With our team of experts, we can rec­om­mend the most suit­able air puri­fiers for our cus­tomer require­ments.