CR 1000

Ceil­ing air puri­fier

Over­all dimen­sion : 23″ x 23″ x 13″ (W x L x H)

Weight : 66 Lbs. (30 kgs.)

Max. power : 150 watts

Area Cov­er­age : 80100

Speed Level : 3

Air vol­ume : 1000 CFM.

  1. No need to change the air fil­ter. Can be washed to main­tain performance.
  2. Kill bac­te­ria effectively.
  3. No pro­long accu­mu­la­tion of dust and germs.
  4. Clean and inspect every 2 months by qual­i­fied tech­ni­cians with guar­an­teed spare parts.
  5. High air flow rate for large area or crowded area.


  1. Air Flow 1000 CFM.
  2. Ceil­ing Mount .
  3. For area that does not have space above the ceiling.
  4. Wash­able coarse fil­ter and pri­mary filter.
  5. Remote con­trol.


Ser­vices & War­ranty

Our com­pany has been trusted to serve a vari­ety of busi­ness cus­tomers for nearly over 40 years. With our team of experts, we can rec­om­mend the most suit­able air puri­fiers for our cus­tomer require­ments.


Tech­nol­ogy Spec­i­fi­ca­tion Sheet